who DOESN'T wanna read a full color fantasy comic about throwing up and killing yourself

prologue | content warning

Saturday, the 19th of June, 2021
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author notes:

Andy☿ Saturday, the 19th of June at 11:39 AM, 2021
Whoo, first page?? Kinda?? It's just the content warning but I tried to make it look pretty :3

Welcome to my webcomic, Charismata! Holy shit! Can't believe I actually get to type that out.

I feel like this CW makes it seem like it's gonna be darker and edgier than it actually will be haha, so just for the sake of setting expectations: Most stuff mentioned here won't be explicit i.e. will happen "off screen" or be conveniently silhouetted, etc, I don't really like drawing guts and gore and throw up. (Also in regards to that last one—I don’t usually see it included in CWs but I decided to because I've known a lot of people with emetophobia. For what it's worth, it's mostly gonna be, like, coughing up alchemic fantasy goop.) There will probably be LOTS of bad words though, so get excited or that, I guess.

Uhhh moving on, the comic will be in standard page format, so if you’re gonna read on mobile, using comicfury's scrollview system is probably your best option, but just reading on a desktop would probably still be better ?? And who knows, you may be rewarded with silly mouseover text~

The site is kinda bare atm but feel free to poke around; more info about, like, characters and what the actual story is lol to be added as things progress, for spoiler reasons (alchemic goop is the only spoiler you're gonna get for now, and you're gonna LIKE IT) but also because I'm just trying to START, which for me is always the hardest part! :'-)

Anyway, sorry for rambling, it WILL happen again, thanks for checking my webbed comic out, I am super excited and terrified to actually be doing this :-D First actual page is TOMORROWWWW, on the solstice, so be sure to check back then~ Or if you'd like you can always subscribe to get a notification whenever I upload ;3c

Thanks!!!!!!!! *panicked screeching*


Taily Tuesday, the 3rd of August at 8:34 AM, 2021
Wtf was I doing not following this comic

This is maybe the most aesthetically pleasing Viewer Discretion page I've ever seen, I'm so here for this
Andy Tuesday, the 3rd of August at 5:41 PM, 2021
Haha thanks!!! Gotta get my money's worth out of the default Photoshop gold gradient one way or another
ToPh_god Monday, the 12th of September at 3:24 PM, 2022
Okay, tell me if this is dark but… YAAAAAAS GOREY-NESS!
King Pika Friday, the 24th of February at 3:41 PM, 2023
King Pika
seconding how gorgeous this is. i've never been so thrilled to be warned!