by Andy on Tuesday, the 1st of February at 12:52 PM, 2022
Hello! :-) Just wanted to give a little update on things since it's been... a while. Lol

In my last author's note I said I was gonna do the book 1 cover right away but then I thought that maybe it would make more sense to design the characters that are gonna be on the cover first LOL. And that took a really long time! 3: BUT I did it! AAAND this also took me a really long time lol but I finally finished the cast page! (Seemed like the next logical step) :^) I’m really proud of how it turned out so I hope you’ll check it out! Here at charismata the comic series dot com we’ve got literally ALL of your FAVORITE kinds of characters:

-Pink-haired anime boys
-Cat girls
-Girl cats
-Furries, But So Much Worse

Also, in case you couldn’t tell from their clothes and whatever: we’re gonna be going to a DIFFERENT T-T-T-TIME PERIOD for the rest of the comic lol
So get excited for that I guess ?

There’s also a few different extra pages for you to peruse if you haven’t seen them yet!

Glossary - This (like the cast page) is mostly intended to help people remember things as the comic progresses, but you’re more than welcome to check it out now if you’re into that kind of nerdy stuff. There aren’t any spoilers in it atm.

Wayfinder - It’s a map! Kind of? Of Actias. If you want to know what Actias is, you can always check the glossary (see above.)

Gift art - Art from lots of cool people on Comic Fury!! Thanks again jmuvsbob, whiteshaix, Casscade, GuyPercinn, and YellowSaffronCitrine! You all should definitely check out their art and comics if you haven’t already!! :-)

All of those are accessible from the “marginalia” page. The “about” page has also been updated with a little more info. :3

So yeah! Just been steadily chipping away at everything (character designs, set/enviornment designs, prop designs, color design, script, cover, thumbnails, pages, etc etc) :B Not to overshare (that’s what the forums are for, after all) but I did have a few mental health-related setbacks :’-/ The good news is I have recently taken some big steps towards addressing those issues and I’m currently feeling really good and excited to get this show on the road as soon as possible!! Really sorry that things are taking so long; I’m reluctant to make any hard promises but I’m hoping to start uploading again on or before the spring equinox (March 20th)

Thank you so much for all your patience! I’m really excited with how the comic is turning out and I hope you’ll like it too! Talk to you again SOON


Lavender-Tea-Dragon Tuesday, the 1st of February at 12:54 PM, 2022
Oooh, all the new tabs are so cool!! :0 Super excited for the first chapter! <3
Andy Tuesday, the 1st of February at 12:59 PM, 2022
I'm so glad! :-)
Panda Cop Tuesday, the 1st of February at 12:56 PM, 2022
Panda Cop
Cai image on character page not working for me. You might know about this already but id mention it just incase
Andy Tuesday, the 1st of February at 1:00 PM, 2022
Haha yeah I just broke it on accident LMAO. It should be fixed now!
jmluvsbob Tuesday, the 1st of February at 1:01 PM, 2022
YAY! Super excited to see how your comic is going to be, especially since we're doing a time skip and we get to see new characters and everything else. You've been really busy, it seems. I'll have to check out all your new extra pages and such. Can't wait to see the story continue.
Andy Tuesday, the 1st of February at 1:08 PM, 2022
Glad you're excited!! I'm really excited too!
Casscade Tuesday, the 1st of February at 3:20 PM, 2022
Andy Tuesday, the 1st of February at 3:25 PM, 2022

It's the eyebrows, of course
YellowSaffronCitrine Tuesday, the 1st of February at 4:38 PM, 2022
Ooh, all the site extras look great! Super psyched for the new pages, but take as much time as you need! I hope your health improves :D
Andy Tuesday, the 1st of February at 9:51 PM, 2022
Thank you so much! <3
whiteshaix Wednesday, the 2nd of February at 11:18 AM, 2022
Can't wait to see what's next!
The prologue was so good, I'm really curious about how it will be related to the main story.
Andy Wednesday, the 2nd of February at 8:21 PM, 2022
Tysm! I'm excited to eventually tie everything together haha